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The 2016 Presidential Election: Why We Should Still Vote in a Doomed Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

In just a year in the making, the world has been without a doubt, one of the most violent ,darkest, and outright crazy in terms of the shape of America as two presidential candidates have squared off to debate their side of a “solution.” One candidate is described as a republican turned democrat who will say or do anything, or in other words, lie, to appeal to voters. The other is a former tv show personality who likes to say whatever they want, whenever they want because it’s “the truth.” The two presidential candidates are democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton and Republican candidate, Donald Trump. These two people, who roasted one another in the Frist Presidential Debate on the night of September 26th, will be sworn into office just a few months from now. One of these two will lead our country, for better or for worse. But it seems like the majority opinion on who will be our next president isn’t based on an ideal of which one will help further benefit our country, but as to who will not screw up it more. It has become a political divide of circus proportions, a battle of conservatives vs. liberals, the right wing and left wing debate, the “criminal nominee vs. the “bigot nominee”. Never has there been an election that has been riduculed and pompous as this one. Never has there been such an outcry of hate and deceit among voters than there has been now. And for the millenial generation, never has there been an election as sideways and as difficult to vote for as this one. To decide between two candidates with suspicious characteristics and dubious backgrounds like Trump or Clinton, is like deciding whether to take an arrow to the knee or a stab to gut; both scenarios are dangerous, but which one would hurt less? And that is the exact crisis that we as the voters probably feel right now.

On one hand, we have Donald Trump.

Someone who is outspoken and divisive to a fault. He makes false claims frequently and is politically incorrect, striving towards making inappropriate comments to make headlines and garner media attention. He also lacks political experience with no real plan or knowledge of foreign policy and other real world issues beyond just money and taxes. And despite being renowned as a successful business who can help deflate the Country’s deficit, this comes from the same man whos projects like Trump Steaks, Trump Vodkas, and Trump Mortgage, all failed miserably, with most of his success coming from the inheritance of his father’s successful company. Not to mention many of his own ventures in business lead to the company’s bankruptcy multiple times. The Liberal party will also call him out for his bigotry, racism, and insensitive remarks during crisis to promote himself. Furthermore, he lacks proper grammar and has a strange speaking style that lacks intellect and proper facts.

And then we have Hilary Clinton

A woman has been known to flip-flop her morals and insight in her politicial career. Many believe that she strives on the Clinton name, being a former first lady and Secretary of state. Not to mention her controversy with her management on the Benghazzi attacks leading to the assasination of 4 Americans. Not to mention the controversy that still followers her to this day regarding the F.B.I’s investigation into her use of private emails to exhange government documents and information rather than the state department email she’s supposed to use. 

One of these two candidates will become our nation’s leader. That’s a fact. And to many of us millenials, it’s scary. But just because this year’s election is a tough one to vote for, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t vote. In fact, we should vote. Not because that means we get to decide who is the lesser of two evils or we hate less than the other, but because we have that right, that power to do so. In a time where there has become such a divide in political and religious and other upstandings, our right to choose and to think and to research for ourselves will always be here. We’re not just voting to extend our national rights either. We’re voting for whichever beliefs we hold strong to the most. We’re voting for the next four years of our lives that’ll either be dedicated to a conservative or liberal approach. And if you don’t like either candidates, there’s always the Write-In option. A choice to where if we don’t like either of the two choices, we can request a write-in form to where we can legit write down who we want as our president. No matter what the outcome will be, as long as you exercise that freedom to vote, you will make more of a difference than if you didn’t. Will you be at the voting polls come Novemeber? I know I will. 

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