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2 Important Things Women Should Consider In The Workplace

Have you ever felt like wherever you are, whatever position you have you don’t feel like you are going anywhere? Have you ever felt you’re stuck or intimidated by your higher ups? Do you think that you have no say in things in where you work?

Don’t be afraid to say something.

If you’re feeling like you are being mistreated by a higher up don’t feel like you can’t say anything. Say it to their face if you have to. Try for somewhere private or quietly to them if it is in a public place. People do not have the right to mistreat you, and make you feel belittled. You do not deserve the cry after work, and you do not deserve the stress. Do better for yourself sis. 

Refuse to do something that you are already doing.

Here’s what I mean. I feel like a lot of times higher ups will try and step in and takeover whatever you’re doing just to send you to do something else. You are already doing your job, why are you being replaced to go do something else? Most of the time your higher up will mess up the flow of how you and your workers do things and can cause more chaos. It is okay to mention that to them and they’re just going to have to understand that. 

All in all put that person in their place, and speak up to them. If that conversation does not go well then go to your HR rep and discuss how maybe you can move to a different department or work on the relationship with that person.


What is the worst thing that could happen? You getting fired? Even if that did happen; albeit, it does sound negative, but honey trust me it is not the end of the world. There are plenty of jobs and opportunities out there and you need to grow even if it means being somewhere else.

Chloe Frescas

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