Think Winter Break Will Be Boring? Think Again!

If you’re like me, being home and doing nothing for the first few days of winter break is super relaxing and much needed. But, after those few days are up, I start to get BORED. Here are some ideas to make that month off between semesters worth-while.


You have to fund your month off somehow! Revisit an old summer job or even apply to be a seasonal worker. Tons of places are hiring to offset intense holiday shopping. Put in your hours, and save a little bit for spring semester!

Have a movie night

College friends, high school friends, family, or just you and your pet can have a chill night (or day) in. Bring snacks, cute pajamas, fuzzy socks and your favorite blanket.

Stay in shape

Go to the gym if you’re bored. Who cares if that summer bod comes in a little early?

Go Ice skating

Cute date night or girls night deserves a little extra fun. Make sure you bundle up!

Go shopping

You’re working, and you want to update your wardrobe. Be a little selfish with all the holiday sales going on, and spoil yourself.

Have a photo shoot

Winter photo shoots are adorable, and you’ll have some new flicks for your Instagram. Builds confidence too!

Take a Walk

If you dress warm, you can enjoy the snowfall (if there is one, fingers crossed), or any holiday decorations or lights. It looks even better at night!