Philly Girl Summer


When the end of finals week rolls around in early May, most Explorers cannot wait to travel home for the summer months. I, on the other hand, chose to spend my summer at La Salle in Philly, the city that I have grown to love so much, instead of going back to my small hometown in Biglerville, PA.

I made my decision to not go home during this long break even though I did not really want to stay away from my family for even more time than I already do during the school year, but I knew that working in the Admission Office and being a Summer Resident Assistant was ultimately the best choice for me. I worked thirty hours a week as an Admission Campus Explorer (ACE) and gave many campus tours to prospective students, and their families, who I hope will become Explorers in the near future!

In my role as an ACE, I can interact and make genuine connections with a variety of different people and this is something that I enjoy doing. Taking over the La Salle Instagram story as well as making introductions and announcements at all three of the University’s Summer-Send Off events were definitely big highlights of my summer, too. The Summer-Send Offs are super important because it gives confirmed students a chance to meet and bond with some of their peers and to get their last-minute questions answered before the school year officially begins at the end of August.

As I look back on this summer and all the memories that I made, I cannot help but think about how truly fortunate I am to attend a university that is so open to granting students these amazing opportunities whenever and wherever they can. The connections and experiences that I made and had this summer just solidified even further why choosing to attend La Salle for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees was honestly the best decision that I have made in my life thus far. I wake up every single day and reflect on how truly lucky I am to be part of the Explorer family in the greatest city that is Philly.