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It is no shocker that nowadays there are many couples that lack the “hopeless romantic” characteristic in their relationships. Most relationships are formed through dating apps, and dates consist of Netflix & take-out food. Fun… yes, romantic… no.


Here, I have graciously provided you with some simple ways to bring back the romance… along with some anecdotes from my own relationship with a US Marine. Prepare for the mushiness!!


— Write, stamp, & mail a letter!


Sure… this may seem silly when you can just as easily shoot a quick text or send a flirty emoji to your significant other. But, let’s be honest… who doesn’t love getting mail? For me, I am ecstatic any time I see a letter addressed to me! What could it be? Who is it from? This brings a bit of joy to otherwise boring trips to the mailbox.


Imagine the joy you would get if your significant other sent you some mail! The handwritten letter shows that they took some time to sit and write to you, which is beautiful in itself. And the gesture is so kind and loving… it is sure to make your lover’s day!


My boyfriend, Martin, has been in boot camp for the entirety of this semester… meaning that our only form of communication has been letters for the past 11 weeks and counting. Yes… it has been incredibly difficult. However, I have learned a lot through communicating in this way…


First off, my boyfriend could never win a spelling bee, he doesn’t know how to properly use “your” and “you’re”, and the majority of his first two letters consisted of him writing about how he cannot write me long letters.


However, as the weeks have gone on, and the letters have gotten longer, I have been able to see the love behind his words. He writes about how much he loves me, and how he thinks of me when times are tough, and he needs to push through.


Seeing these words on paper is something special. Of course, I love to hear him say he loves me, who doesn’t love hearing that? But there is something about a written letter and seeing those words on a page that makes it 10x more special.


I am able to read over his letters again and again, each time feeling like the first I’ve read the words. And I can turn to them on days that I miss him. They are memories that I will hold on to and can physically keep with me.


So, although in my case, letters are the only form of communication I have with my boyfriend for now, I feel that letters can be an extremely romantic gesture. For me, I will continue to send him love letters, even after he graduates from boot camp.


— Doll up & go out dancing!


It is always fun to get a cute dress on and to experiment with a new lipstick color. Curl your hair & paint your nails, look in the mirror and see your beautiful self! Then grab your Love and go out for a night of dancing! Check out a salsa club in Philly, or even dance in your backyard if you’re low on cash.


Dressing up tends to bring a boost to your confidence and playing some loving music can bring you and your Love closer. Or maybe you can bond over the two left feet you both have! It’ll be something different and an experience worth remembering.


While my boyfriend and I haven’t had the chance to go out dancing yet, it hasn’t stopped us from swinging each other around in the kitchen. My boyfriend is constantly turning on sappy love songs and grabbing my hand to spin me

around. It is goofy, and spontaneous, and one of my favorite things to do with him. I never know when Frank Sinatra will start singing… but once he does, I can anticipate a new dance move being added to my repertoire.


There are also the times when he turns on some funky alternative song, accompanied by his signature side-to-side-squiggle-sway (you would have to see it to believe it). This makes me laugh every time! I love seeing his goofiness through dancing, and we are both able to be so spontaneous, yet genuine while dancing together.

Even dancing without music can be incredibly fun and strange all at once. It is such a special way to connect with your Love.


— Allow Yourself to be vulnerable


The biggest piece of being romantic is allowing yourself to be your most genuine, authentic self around the one you love. Opening your heart and being vulnerable with your significant other is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself and your relationship. Being vulnerable is just as much difficult as it is beautiful and sexy.


Being vulnerable is terrifying… we all know it. However, allowing myself to be completely open and embracing all that this love can bring me was the best thing I have done in my life. I found myself fearful of allowing people to love me, especially when it came to a romantic relationship. Yet, I have taken on the challenge of embracing every moment, every ounce of love my boyfriend gives me, and letting myself take in all the beauty that this relationship has and is bringing to my life every single day.


I know that being completely and utterly open is not easy, but if you allow yourself to be as happy as your heart yearns to be, you will be in awe of the depths of positive change it has for you and your relationship.


I hope that you can embrace some of these ways to be more romantic in your relationship, and that they bring extra joy and love into your life!


p.s. I will be reunited with my marine in two weeks, and I can’t wait to dance in the kitchen with him again!

Samantha Gentry

La Salle '22

Samantha is an Early Childhood Education / Special Education Major in her Sophomore year at La Salle University. She is the Social Media Director for the Facebook account for Her Campus at La Salle as well as Junior Editor. She has a passion for education and a love for writing.
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