Meet Our Campus Correspondents!

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of interviewing the two women who brought Her Campus to La Salle University. I chose to sit down and have a conversation with them this week because I thought that it was  important to hear their insights on how Her Campus at La Salle  became a chapter and what they hope comes from Her Campus at La Salle. Tyller Moorer and Jess Bryant are two exemplary women who believe that everyone should have some type of outlet to express themselves.



Tyller Moorer, is a Junior Communication Major concentrating in both, Public Relations and Journalism. Tyller is on the track team and specializes in the 400 meter run. This past summer, she traveled to Rome, where she decided to search for communication internships and found an internship with Her Campus. Moorer immediately started researching the organization and found that she was really intrigued with everything the organization stood for. Tyller wanted La Salle University to have their own chapter, but she did not want to go through the process alone, so she recruited one of her best friends, Jess, to join her on this journey.



Jess Bryant, is  also a Junior Communication Major with a concentration in Public Relations and Communication Management. Jess is also a part of the track team and competes in the long and high jump. When Jess is not at practice or doing schoolwork, she enjoys watching The Office and playing her Xbox. Jess first found out about Her Campus from Tyller, but she has always been interested in women’s rights and equality, so she did not have to think twice about becoming a co-campus correspondent with her good friend, Tyller.


I was really intrigued with what kinds of tasks each of their positions consisted of. Tyller and Jess both agreed that the multi-step process to become an official chapter was their number one priority during the past summer months. From receiving approval signatures from current La Salle students, to creating content of their own, these two worked countless hours just to make this possible for all of us. Now that Her Campus at La Salle is an official chapter, Tyller and Jess have other duties to make sure that everyone and everything stays on track. Both girls agreed that they complement each other very well and that they have a good “balance” going on in terms of splitting tasks. Put simply, Tyller does a lot of the administrative work such as speaking with the “higher-ups” from Her Campus, and Jess focuses more on making sure the writers know what they should be writing about each week. They both firmly agreed that they are “100% glad they are going through this together.”

I wrapped up the interview with asking what they hope comes from bringing an influential organization like Her Campus to La Salle. Tyller answered first and said, “I like how this organization is more informal and gives people the opportunity to express how they feel about a variety of topics.”

Jess said, “Since this is our first year, nobody really knows what we are yet, so I really just want to get us out there and make sure our message is clear. I want to make an impact.” They both are looking forward to establishing this organization on campus and learning day by day about what their new leadership role as campus correspondents entails. If you are interested in becoming a writer for Her Campus at La Salle University, you can contact Her Campus at La Salle’s email, the  email address is [email protected]. Her Campus is a very inclusive organization, we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to express themselves.

By: Kenzie Bender