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Euphoric Style: Getting the Euphoria Look

One of the hottest shows of the summer, HBO’s “Euphoria” inspired looks can be seen all over the internet. From the makeup to the fashion “Euphoria” has started a whole wave of unique and fashionable looks.

The show takes more editorial inspired looks and puts them into an everyday setting that is reflective of the character. Three of the most noticeable characters who most popularly have their looks recreated are Maddy, Jules, and Kat.


Maddy’s gem-placement is undeniable iconic and gives off a confident bad bitch vibe that is appropriate for her character’s personality. Jules’ looks are very creative and artistic something you wouldn’t expect to see on a normal everyday basis. Her looks are very in tune with her emotions and characterizes her spontaneous and impulsive behaviors. Kat’s transformation had everyone starstruck as she took on a more confident dominating look as she grew to accept and love herself more.

If any inspiration, we can take from these ladies is that we should strive to be our most confident and authentic selves. Let’s put our best foot forward day-to-day.

Regina Jones

La Salle '21

Regina is a psychology major at La Salle University.
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