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Zoom University: I love you and I hate you

I love that I’m able to just get up from my bed, get ready for the morning, sit at my desk, open my laptop and class is right there in front of me. I don’t need to dress up too much, since I don’t really plan on leaving my room for most of the day anyways. Waking up about an hour before my class allows me to just put on a pair of running shorts, a bra, an oversized t-shirt, brush my hair and teeth, eat a bagel and make some coffee to enjoy during class. I love that I can multitask between my two monitor screens. I can refer back to the readings for class or see what we’ll be talking about next in class. I’m grateful that my boyfriend had an extra monitor to lend to me to help me out with this, and I didn’t have to dish out $200 for one. I love that I can be on time for class rather than rushing across campus behind slow walkers or waiting on traffic. Sometimes that one crossing guard just enjoys making people late, and those slow walkers just want to enjoy the campus. I get it. Walk faster, please. 

But I hate that I can’t see my campus on a daily basis. I know I can just go for a walk on my own, but actually walking to class makes it easier. I hate that I’m stuck in my room most of the day making sure I’m caught up on assignments and not falling behind. It just seems pointless to me to walk to the library to work on assignments when I’m already set up in my room. I hate that I can’t talk to my friends in classes. How am I supposed to do that in Zoom? Privately message them? Don’t the professors see that? I hate that I can just close my laptop and lay in my bed right after class. I know I have assignments and readings to do, but my bed is calling for me. I hate that I can’t see my friends on campus as I’m walking around. Most of them are taking their semester at home since they didn’t see a point in coming to campus. I understand that, but I miss them. 

Zoom University: I love you but I hate you.

Allison Matero

Kutztown '21

Just a girl who is passionate about self-growth.
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