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YouTubers Are Great

I am big fan of YouTube.

I love so many YouTuber’s. I started to get into different YouTube videos in high school, but intensified once I got to college. I find myself looking forward to different videos that will be uploaded, and I feel a sense of comfort and happiness when I get to sit down and watch a video. It is a nice way of escapism in the evening after classes and homework is done.  

I think the thing that makes myself and so many others enjoy YouTube and YouTubers in particular is because of the fact you feel like they are talking directly to you. The videos break the fourth wall and you begin to know the things they are talking about and people in their personal lives and the stories they have lived and it feels like you know them first hand.

I am personally a fan of a lot of the beauty community of YouTube such as Laura Lee, Tati, Zoella, Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, etc. I find them to be very kind and down to earth people and I feel like they take their professions they created for themselves very seriously. I think all of their stories are incredible, and I have so much respect for them on how they did this on their own. Now many of them do collaborations with brands and have their own product lines out, which is so incredible. I enjoy every video that they put out and I am so thankful that I found this little corner of YouTube I can watch and enjoy.

Of course I also love watching music videos, interviews of my favorite singers, and other random YouTuber’s channels I may stumble upon; however, I whole heartedly support the few ones I have really gotten to know and watch religiously. I trust these people’s opinions and I can’t wait until their next videos go live.

Sabrina Stewart

Kutztown '20

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I am a communication major with a focus in media studies with a minor in a public relations and new media/digital communication here at KU! I am the Events Coordinator for the KU chapter this year! I love fashion, NYC, quotes, book characters, ice cream, exploring, and many many other things. I also tend to drink an excessive amount of lattes.
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