Young, Hungry, & Home

Since being home and having extra time around the house because of this lovely quarantine, I have had time to re-watch some of my favorite shows. One of my favorite shows is Young and Hungry! I know I love the show I’m watching when I get excited to hear the theme song, but what I really love about Young and Hungry is its quirkiness. Plus, the episodes are about 20 minutes long, so I don’t have to sit for an entire hour. Even though I do sit and watch about an hour every day of Young and Hungry, it’s okay because I’m always doing something else as it plays as background noise.

I haven’t seen the show since it stopped airing in 2014, but 6 years later, the show still pulls at my heart strings. It’s the perfect show that is cheesy, romantic, quirky, silly, and funny. To give you a basic background of the show, a young chief, Gabi, needs a job. She has an interview to work as a personal chef for a rich tech genius, Josh. Her interview is with his publicist, Elliot. Right off the bat, Elliot does not like Gabi because she’s not a sexy man that he can fawn over in the kitchen and because Josh would give more attention to Gabi then to him. Josh comes in after the interview, and Gabi blows him away by making him grilled cheese. Long story short, Josh has a girlfriend and she dumps him the next night when Gabi’s making them a fancy dinner. Josh was planning on proposing to his girlfriend at that time. Gabi tries to make him feel better, and she certainly does, as they end up sleeping together.

All of that is just in the first episode. There is so much drama in each episode and Elliot and Yolanda (she ‘cleans’ the apartment) are two hilarious supporting characters. You can often find them not agreeing and making odd remarks at each other. Josh and Gabi’s love gets pulled throughout the 5 seasons as the try to keep their relationship professional. Other girls and guys come into their lives, but something always seems to get in the way. The show is the perfect romantic comedy wrapped up in 20-minute episodes.

Young and Hungry was airing when another show, Baby Daddy, was airing. I recorded every episode of both. One day my sister asked me which one is better. I was shocked; I couldn’t answer that. They were both so amazing. Essentially, they are the same show idea except the main characters were different genders. There is a difference in the story line, like the setting and how they meet their love interest, but at the end of the day, they both made me smile and yell at the TV through the awkward moments, through the times they should have kissed, through the times things went very, very wrong, and through the times when everything went very, very right. I may have spent most of this time talking about Young and Hungry, but that’s just because I’m currently re-watching it. Who knows, with this quarantine, I may need to re-watch both shows.