Woman of the Week: Sara Nicotra

Some of us go into college unsure of what we want to do. We just figure it out as we go. This was the case for Sara Nictora. She floundered around before she decided on her major. She thought back to her senior year English teacher and remembered how much of an impact she had on her.

This is what prompted Sara to become a Secondary English Education major. Just like how her high school English teacher impacted her, Sara strives to have that kind of impact on her future students as well. She has always loved reading and writing and once she was introduced to great literature her first year at school, she found her niche in the English community. Her passion for English and education go hand in hand.  

“I want to be able to change the lives of my future students, even if it’s a little bit. I think that teaching is a way to change the world, which is a big thing to say, but each student can create a ripple. My goal is to help open their minds and to help them become the best and most educated world citizens that they can be.”-SN

Sara is not only passionate about changing the lives of her students, but for women as well. In addition to her English Education major, she is enrolled in the Women’s and Gender Studies Minor as well. She was recently a part of this year’s production of “The Vagina Monologues” on campus. The monologues give voices to many different women who otherwise may have never had their stories shared. This was her second year participating in the monologues, and she had the privilege of being chosen to perform the spotlight monologue this year, which she says was a nod to what has been going on socially and politically in our country.

“It (the spotlight monologue) was, in my opinion, such a powerful monologue and it was an honor to be able to bring it to life. Being a part of the monologues was incredible!” –SN

While Sara’s performance influenced others, other women influence her as well. Her favorite woman writer is Sandra Cisneros. She was assigned to read some of her work, and she feels her poetry can resonate with all different kinds of women. She also admires Malala Yousafazi, a young advocate for education, specifically female education. Sara admires her for being so strong, smart, and eloquent. “She is so passionate about her activism. She’s going to continue to do great things for women around the world.”-SN

Having the privilege of knowing Sara for almost two years, I can say she is going to do great things for women as well.

“I think being a woman, in its simplest terms, means to be an advocate for myself and for all women around the world, especially where we are in time right now. I love being a woman, and I hope every woman can someday feel the same.”-SN

Thank you Sara, for being so passionate about everything you do and for your inspiration to women everywhere.