A Winter Wonderland

Now that December has arrived, it’s time to grab our significant others and venture out into the cold for a perfect date in a winter wonderland. The first place to check off on your date list is the beautiful landscape of Blue Cross River-Rink Winterfest located in Philadelphia, PA.

Get into the holiday spirit by renting a pair of skates for $10 and paying $4 for the skate admission. If you are a college student with a valid ID, you can get a discounted rate for the skate admission. Skate around the rink with your significant other up to 90-minutes. Enjoy today's hits as they play over the loudspeakers and the winter-like vibes of the arena. Once your session is up, head over to the Lodge Bar to hang out for an hour or two. Stay warm within the tent and enjoy the scenery that surrounds the area. String lights are hung along the ceiling and electric fireplace mantles are placed throughout the tent to help separate different sections. Each section is decorated with big cozy, leather couches with pillows placed on them for more comfort. Prop your feet up on the wooden coffee tables and choose from a variety of local and regional beers. Chandeliers made of fake deer antlers add to the aesthetic of a ski lodge. Decorated Christmas trees are spread out throughout the venue, and, outside of the tent there are rocking chairs that line up against the wall of the tent. Grab a cup of hot, homemade cocoa from the Franklin Fountain Confectionery Cabin, and grab the s'mores kit and sit by one of the fire pits if you're in the mood for something sweet. String lights are hung from tree to tree to add to the winter wonderland effect. If you are lucky enough, you can steal a spot in the opened faced cabin. Inside are wooden benches with Christmas themed pillows and blankets. A fireplace with a stone mantle is placed in the middle of the cabin against the back wall. The wooden paneled walls are decorated with green fir reefs and pictures of deer.

So, if you are looking for an almost perfect first date this winter, I suggest heading over to Philadelphia for this Winterfest.