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…Winter Break

Its December, we’ve made it!  The semester is almost over and we’re all one semester closer to graduation, no matter what year you are in. With one week left, what are your finals week goals? Will you be ending the semester with the grades you wanted in the beginning or did things shift? Either way as long as you have a C, you’re getting that degree. If you’ve been reading my articles from the beginning you know that I said this semester would be my year. I had a couple of roadblocks, but I can say that this semester was a great one. I’ve completed my first semester with Hercampus. I finished all the requirements for my sociology minor. I’ve also been the coordinator for a mentoring program for a semester as well. Each of these things are different but they are all helping shape me into a better woman.

I’m really ready for winter break though. The best thing about winter break is no school, but then I remember I’m taking a winter class. Dinosaurs to be exact and I’m so not excited for it, I think my coworkers are more excited than I am. During my break, I am excited for my friends to give birth to their children. All my friends are having babies so that I don’t have to. Seriously, though I’m really proud and happy for them. They’re all become mothers and starting a new chapter in their lives. This winter break will consist of work, homework and fun just like if I was at school expect I’ll be in the comfort of my own city. Also, this break I’m going on my first ever plane ride. I’m going to LA with my cousin; I’m super excited but also terrified at the same time. 2018 will be my year of growth and travel and it is starting with my trip to LA. 2018 is always the year of graduation. There is a lot to look forward to within the next few months and I can’t wait to experience them. Look out for my experience next semester.



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