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Many of us suffer from the occasional breakout, but sometimes the cause of our acne is from a product we can easily stop using. The following are potential breakout causers you may not have thought of.

What a lot of people do not realize is that shampoo, and conditioner especially, are often the culprit of the havoc being wreaked on your skin. Some dermatologists will even suggest their patients not use conditioner all together, but a leave-in conditioner instead. Avoid shampoo and conditioners that are thick in consistency, and that are colored. This means purple shampoos, for instance, are not your friend, and neither are thick, white colored conditioners.

The detergent you use to wash your clothes can cause irritation to your skin. This is true also for your bed sheets. Any fabric that comes into contact with your skin has the potential to break you out if it has been washed in a detergent that your skin does not mix well with. Try using fragrance-free detergent to avoid this outcome.

Breakouts around the mouth region are usually a result of one’s skin not agreeing with their oral care products. Your toothpaste and/or mouthwash could be what is behind the mysterious breakouts on your chin/lip area especially if you never had a problem with that area in the past. Steer clear of products that contain fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate to avoid this issue.

When spraying perfume it is better to keep the placement of your spritz localized to specific areas away from your face. Many of us know to use perfume on the wrist, neck, and behind the ear, for instance. But sometimes, we are not so strategic in how we spray our perfume, especially when in a rush. However, one might want to reconsider being so careless in executing this action, because in instance in which the perfume comes in contact with your face, it can break you out.

Sometimes we may go a few days without washing our hair, which is nothing to be unashamed of as it is actually good to skip a wash here or there. However, those that are trying to prolong their time in between washes have to face the unfortunate reality that doing so can become problematic to their complexion. The dirt and oil from your hair can transfer onto your pillow and then onto the skin.


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