When Your Little Brother Starts to Grow Up

There is nothing quite as special as a sibling bond. They are the one person who has experienced everything you have. They grew up with the same house, environments, parents, and vacations. But if you are lucky enough to have a younger sibling, that bond is so much more, especially if you have a little brother because they will need you for the rest of their lives despite what they may think. 

My little brother is about three and a half years younger than me so I really do not remember life without him. His life has always had me in it. I am a protective sister, always have been, always will be. I have been taking care of him all his life, and I only want the best from him. I want to take what I have learned and make everything easier for him. I want him to grow up and become an amazing person. With his 17th birthday in three short months, he is on his road to adulthood, and I am not sure how I feel about that just yet. 

If I had my way, my brother would stay the cute 6-year-old who wanted to do everything I was doing. Instead, at 16 years old, he thinks everything I do is stupid. But that comes with growing up. He is finding his passions and paths in life. Despite how crazy and ridiculous they may be, I will always support him. 

My brother is going through every important milestone: SATs, prom, first job, driver’s license. I am so happy I am able to be there to witness and support him every step of the way. It is hard to accept that he is growing up, but being a part of it makes it easier. 

His life is just beginning. He is going to grow up and find his place in the world. He will experience life and create one for himself. We will always be connected no matter where we go. I will always take care of him, and he will always be annoyed by me because we will always be siblings. He will always be my little brother, and I will always be his protective, overbearing, irritating older sister.