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What it Means to be a Writer

I get asked a lot why I want to be a writer. For me, it’s more than just throwing some words down on a paper and hoping they sound nice. I love being able to create entire new worlds for people to discover and enjoy. To have someone willingly pick up my work to read it for enjoyment is the greatest feeling. People often don’t think about what I and other writers go through to produce our work. Yes, we can be strange bunch from time to time. I can admit that, and I’m sure other writers can as well. If you are a writer, I hope you relate to this in some way. Even if you wouldn’t classify yourself as a writer, I hope you get a better understanding of what some of your friends might be going through. So, here is a little look into the life of a writer.

1.  Your friends might have to leave you in solitude while you are trying to work, or else they might have a grumpy writer on their hands.

2.  There’s a chance you might stay in on the weekends to finish up your work.

3.  What inspired you to write a character or storyline:

4.  This is what you tell yourself after you use the same words over and over again.

5.   You often say this to yourself after you write something.

6.   You start to add things to your work, even if it doesn’t make sense.

7.   Of course, there is also the wicked evil known as "Writer’s Block."

8.  Writer’s block can often stay for quite a while.

9.    Then, you need to resort to observing those around you for some inspiration.

10.  But once you finally finish your work, you are filled with an immense amount of excitement.