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What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas When He Buys Himself Everything

Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s getting down to the wire for gift buying. But how do you find gifts for a guy who doesn’t need much or gets himself what he needs? Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with for my own boyfriend, and hopefully it’ll give you ideas as well.

Plant-Related Gifts

If your guy is into plants like mine, any plant-related items or another plant would be great. My boyfriend got into houseplants over the summer during quarantine, which is partially my fault for working at a garden center and showing him any cool plants I saw.

Watering Globes

Propagation Station

Grow Light Shelf

Self Care Related Gifts

If your boyfriend is into taking care of his face/hair/beard, these products would be great for him. Or at least a start to get them to take care of themselves more! 

Beard Care Kit

Customized Shampoo and Conditioner 

Personalized Self Care Kit

Apartment/House Warming Gifts

Maybe your boyfriend needs more things around his place (that you’ll end up using more than him).


A Funny Candle

Shower Beer Holder

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