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Ways to Combat Feeling Overwhelmed This Semester

It’s a few weeks into the semester. You start to really get into the thick of things with your classes, and that familiar panic washes over you. You wonder if you’ll have enough time to finish all of your assignments and do them right.

Well, first you need to breathe. It can definitely feel like too much and that you’ll never have time, but I promise you do! It’s a matter of doing many things in order to have a good, productive semester. 

  1. Know when to stop

Sometimes, pushing yourself too hard will lead to burn out. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll overwhelm yourself to the point where you don’t do anything at all and you end up scrolling on TikTok for hours. 

Know when you need to take a break. If you’re stumped on a project or an essay, take a step back. Take a nap, eat a snack, or do whatever it is you need to relax. Then, once you’re ready, you can come back to your assignment with a clearer mind. 

  1. Plan out your homework

I find that completing the tasks I need to do helps me stay on top of schoolwork. When I’m assigned something, I write it on a large calendar on the date it’s due and the time. It’s hung up on my wall so I can refer back to it at any time and keep track of everything. I will also be sure to note somewhere that I have something due for next class as I can’t write on my calendar right away. 

I also try to start the homework as soon as possible. I like to find a quiet spot in the library if I have to attend another class, or I’ll just go home and focus on my work there. If it’s a longer term project, I’ll keep working on it little by little every day or as often as I can to always keep making progress.

  1. Ask for help

If at any point you’re having trouble in class that’s hindering your progress in a project or the course itself, it’s totally acceptable to ask for help. Student tutors are often available in harder classes, and tutors are available at the library for any subject. 

The earlier you ask for help, the better off you’ll be. The second you feel you’re slipping behind, it’s important to reach out for help. You can visit your professor during office hours, go to a tutor session, or ask a classmate for insight. 

College is very stressful at times. As I’m in my junior year of college, I not only balance five classes, four of which are my major or minor coursework, I also am heavily involved in a few clubs on campus, so it can be tough to balance everything and still get my homework done. I assure you though, it is possible to juggle everything by managing your time right, and most of all, taking care of yourself. 

Sabrina is a junior as a Professional Writing major with a Social Media Theory and Strategy minor at Kutztown University. Her interests are crochet, pets, and browsing social media.
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