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Watch “It” this Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

My favorite Halloween/scary film is the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel, It. I think everyone should watch it. For someone who isn’t a huge horror movie fan (I like them more than I ever have, but that’s beside the point), I was shocked at just how much I loved his movie.

The characters in the Loser’s Club are so loveable and are genuine friends and it warms my heart throughout the film. Their friendship is so strong and pure, and they are hysterical together. The film has plenty of lighthearted and comical moments throughout it.

Pennywise is a terrible monster-clown-thing, obviously, but there are still some parts and things he does that are so freaky that you can’t help but laugh about that aspect too. In addition to the freaky creepy clown, there is also a group of terrible bullies just to add on top of the fear.  Oh, also, all the adults in the film are also super unhelpful and kind of suck.

However, in spite of the evil clown, bullies, and unhelpful parents, the Losers Club’s authentic friendship is wonderful. In my eyes, the power of friendship is truly iconic throughout the film. On top of all of that the actors and actresses are amazing in the film in all aspects, and the cinematography and special effects are also superb.

I believe It is a new classic horror-thriller movie, not to mention that It’s also the highest grossing horror film of all time—and for good reason.

For this Halloween, I highly recommend you watch this movie with friends or family and enjoy the creepy storyline, but also the endearing friendships throughout. It is an awesome movie overall and I have watched it a handful of times since its release. Everyone I know who has also seen it has enjoyed it just as much as I have. Maybe I enjoy it slightly more than them, but still, I suspect It is going to be seen as a new classic horror movie.

So, have a Happy Halloween this 2018 and make your night just a little bit more spooky and comical with the film It and the thrills this movie takes you on! 



Sabrina Stewart

Kutztown '20

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I am a communication major with a focus in media studies with a minor in a public relations and new media/digital communication here at KU! I am the Events Coordinator for the KU chapter this year! I love fashion, NYC, quotes, book characters, ice cream, exploring, and many many other things. I also tend to drink an excessive amount of lattes.