WandaVision Ep. 1

If you are a Marvel fan or have Disney+, then you already probably know the hype around the newest Marvel edition, WandaVision. After only a few weeks of airing, the show already has a plethora of fans and devoted watchers, which is fair because the show is almost comparable to that of the usual Marvel movies cinematically. 

At first I was skeptical of the show because of its relation to the Disney enterprises and the relation Disney has to the main audience of children. I had the idea that the show may be directed towards kids and not be as adult plot friendly, but I was wrong. The first episode and part of the second episode sort of dragged along, leaving my taste for an engaging plot lacking. Although the visuals and the scenery were amazingly created. 

WandaVision is a show created to paint the life of Wanda Maximoff and her love interest, Vision, weeks after the Marvel movie Endgame took place. And as we know, Vision was one of the Avengers we lost in the midst of Thanos and his plans. So, the show is already a bit confusing, considering a dead man is alive and well living with his girl, Wanda. 

But, next to those questions, there are always more. For example, the show is already a bit weird, considering Wanda and Vision are living in the 50’s and the show is set to look as if it were the usual black and white 50’s television show. Wanda and Vision seem to be living in their literal own little world and acting as if nothing is wrong or different. They’re happy. 

While we are taking in the entirety of the new 50’s television show Wanda and Vision are a part of, we notice a few strange occurrences that happen suddenly. Such as the moment Vision’s boss starts to choke when he is invited to Wanda and Vision’s home for dinner. As he chokes, Wanda sort of ‘snaps out’ of it and tells Vision to help him. From there, the show skips over those events entirely as if they didn’t happen and everything goes back to normal. 

But, everything isn’t normal, is it?