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10) I miss not needing to drive anywhere. Because of COVID-19, I couldn’t go see anyone, so I basically stayed home all the time unless to get necessities or see my parents. I don’t miss paying for gas though.

9) I miss not feeling the need to go to bed by 9pm every night. God, I’m so exhausted. 

8) I miss having nothing to do. Okay, there was always something to do, but nothing that was pressing or urgent. I could take my time to do the things that needed to get done. 

7) I miss getting to decide what I do everyday. Though yes, I do plan out that stuff a week in advance, but I get to sit down and say “Hey, I’m going to dedicate this time to work on music” and I can change that schedule whenever I please. With school being in session, I don’t have that flexibility anymore. 

6) I miss being able to stream for 5 nights a week and having a consistent stream schedule. I feel like I’m throwing my followers in a loop every week of WHEN I’m actually streaming because no one knows, not even me. 

5) I miss knowing that I’m not going to get exposed to COVID. At least when I would only go out once every two weeks, I knew the likelihood of exposure was miniscule. Being at school though, who the heck knows. 

4) I miss experiencing rain/thunderstorms from my living room window. I hate being out and about when they happen (for safety purposes), but I also love watching them come through and seeing the cloud formations and lightning. 

3) I miss being home for every meal. I don’t like packing lunches. 

2) I miss not having to do school work. Granted, I love my degree program, but I don’t get excited for reading 300 pages of text and writing papers. I liked not having due dates. 

1) I miss being free. 

Peyton Williams

Kutztown '20

Music education major who loves film score and writing stories of any kind! Ask me about my favorite piano piece and why I love green tea lemonade!
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