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Top 5 Trendiest Halloween Costumes of 2020

It’s days away from Halloween 2020. People probably already have their perfect Halloween costume ready, many of which are based on the biggest trends of the year. Despite the unfortunate year we’ve been having, there’s been some memorable moments whether it be TV show characters, memes, or famous movie moments. All just waiting to be turned into Halloween costumes. Here are the top 5 trendiest costumes of 2020.

Carole Baskin from Tiger King

This has been such a popular show this year. We’ve seen her character everywhere. She’s been on the Netflix show that made her famous Tiger King memes of her on TikTok, and she’s even been on Dancing With the Stars this season. She’s made a name for herself, that’s for sure. Many cool cats want to dress up as her this Halloween. The costume is simple – a leopard print top, a flower crown, and a long dirty-blonde wig.

An early 2000’s girl

Somehow the old school fashion trends are back and we’re all here for it. This is an easy and last minute Halloween costume that will make you look right on trend this year. Grab some butterfly clips, a mini skirt, headband, and chunky shoes and you’ve got yourself an early 2000’s girl!

A quarantine couch potato

This is a really easy costume to do, and very appropriate for the time of year. Dress in a tye dye t-shirt paired with sweatpants and slippers, and you can’t forget the hand sanitizer and face mask. This is a simple, easy, and appropriate Halloween costume that everyone will love!

A TikTok star

TikTok has been all the rage, especially during quarantine since it has been a main form of entertainment. This is a costume idea that can be really fun to put together. You can even make it a group idea with your friends. Each of them can be a famous TikTok star.

Cheerleaders from Cheer

This Netflix show Cheer has been very popular in the last year. For all the cheerleading lovers, or anyone who is a big fan of this show, this is a really easy costume to do! Find a black and red cheerleading uniform, paired with black and red pom-poms and bow and you’re ready to go!

I’m always one that’s curious of the most popular and trendiest costumes every year. It’s always fun to see what people can make into costumes. Oh the power of social media and TV shows! Halloween is always so fun for me. Despite everything that has happened this year, we can lighten the mood for one night and have fun dressing up as our favorite TV show characters, animals, memes, and so much more. This is a time for all of us to be creative. I’m hoping everyone has a happy and safe Halloween this year!

Morgan Harrar

Kutztown '23

Hey friends! My name is Morgan Harrar. I attend Kutztown University with a major in Communication Studies with a focus in social media. I'm excited to share my thoughts, advice, and opinions with you all. I enjoy dancing for the Kutztown Dance Team, photography, biking, and fashion!
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