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Top 5 Reasons to Watch Netflix’s “tick, tick,… BOOM!”

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  • Jonathan Larson

Last November, Lin-Manuel Miranda once again directed another musical smash hit in his film adaptation of the late Jonathan Larson’s musical, tick, tick,… BOOM! that premiered in selected theaters and is now available on Netflix. Jonathan Larson was a famed composer, lyricist, playwright, and actor for musicals. His most recognized work was Rent, which tragically Larson never got to see as he died the day before the musical’s first production on January 25, 1996, he was thirty-five years old. His cause of death was an aortic aneurysm and died ten days before his thirty-sixth birthday. Though his death was a tragedy, Larson’s underrated musical,  tick, tick,… BOOM! beautifully narrates how he lived life to the fullest while contemplating his time and talents. I’ve had the honor to watch the film adaptation for myself and can confidently express how much I enjoyed every minute of it, and share my five reasons why people should be watching this movie!

1.) The Story

For those of you who don’t know, Netflix’s tick, tick,… BOOM! is the musical dramedy (drama and comedy) biopic story of Jonathan Larson, the famous music composer, whose most notable work is the 1996 musical Rent. The film is based on the musical of the same name that Larson wrote and explored his real-life friendships, romance, and the challenges of being a musical theatre writer. The biggest themes presented in the story are taking risks, acknowledging the most important things in life, and using whatever talents you’re gifted with to make a change in the world. Thanks to the directorial vision of Lin-Manuel Miranda, the original story breathes new life on the media screen for all viewers to enjoy!

2.) The Performances

The movie’s success couldn’t have been possible without its star cast. Andrew Garfield’s performance as the struggling artist had my eyes glued to the television in watching the highs and lows of Jonathan’s creative process while dealing with the joys of life and harsh realities that affected his choice of career and his relationships. Adding to the surprise that he can sing made my jaw drop in shock and amazement! The rest of its supporting cast also did an excellent job in making their characters stand out while supporting the film’s protagonist like Alexandra Shipp as Susan, Jonathan’s realist girlfriend, and Robin de Jesus as Michael, Jonathan’s best friend in art and life. These two provided emotional support and guidance in Jonathan’s life while also struggling with their own issues. They also provided powerful singing vocals throughout the film’s story, along with Vanessa Hudgens and Joshua Henry as Karessa and Roger whose performances may be limited, but can’t be ignored.

3.) The Cameos

For all the broadway lovers out there, this film presented over 30 cameos of broadway’s BIGGEST stars such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bernadette Peters, Phillipa Soo, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Stephen Schwartz, Judy Kuhn, Andre De Shields, Christopher Jackson, and… well you have to watch the film to see the rest of the cameos yourself!

4.) The Songs

From the energetically optimistic “30/90”, to the powerfully uplifting “Louder Than Words”, tick, tick,… BOOM’s songs will have you tapping your toes, banging your head, tickle your funny bones, and tear you up with sadness and joy! All songs from the film are now available in iTunes.

5.) It’s the Perfect Movie for Writers!

Whether you write music like Jonathan Larson, or books, television, film, etc., this film is perfect for passionate writers, as it narrates the triumphs and trials of the writing process.

This film holds my highest recommendation of movies to watch in 2021 and beyond! This holiday season, sit back, relax, and Netflix and Chill one of the best movie musicals to date. 

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