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Writer’s block, truly a writer’s worst enemy. It creeps up on you at any given time and it’s hard to get passed. Every writer struggles with it, but how you choose to push through it is what matters most. Here are a few tips I use to help myself get inspired.

 Listening to music

Listening to music can really help with writing. You can get inspired by the lyrics and write something based off of them. It could help calm your frustration and get your creative juices flowing. For me, I usually base stories off of the lyrics or the meaning behind the song.

Googling writing prompts

If it’s coming up with an idea you’re having problems with, I highly recommend looking up some prompts to get you started. There are hundreds of great prompts out there just waiting for you to complete. A website I use to find writing prompts is blog.reedsy.com. They have over 700 prompts to choose from and different genre of prompts to fit whatever you are feeling.

Take a break

Writing your next project can be pretty stressful. Especially when you can’t even get a thought out onto the paper. Closing the notebook or doc for a few hours or even days can be just what you need to get your thoughts and creativity following. Inspiration comes from every and anywhere, don’t force it by staring at a blank page. 

 Start with a random scene or dialogue

There isn’t a rule saying that you have to start with the scenery or explaining what’s going on exactly. You can always go back and add those in later. As writers, we tend to think of random scenes and pieces of dialogue at random times. Writing down those little scenes and dialogue in your notes can be super helpful when you want to sit down and start writing. Beating writer’s block can be easier if you have a list of different dialogue and scenes to pick from and continue.

Keyanna Johnson

Kutztown '24

Professional writing major, Music lover, and Greek Mythology nerd.