A Time to Be Selfish

I can’t remember the first time I heard the word “selfish.” I didn't need to know the definition to realize it wasn't a nice term. For years, “selfish” was a word I did not want associated with my name or character. I always thought that giving or showing others how much they mean to you was the correct way of being a great friend, but many times, I was left feeling disappointed. Why did this person say this towards me? Why didn't they appreciate the help I gave them? Was it something I said or did wrong?  


I thought being a good friend was answering a phone call no matter what the time was. It was offering all the help you can give, without knowing if it was exactly needed or wanted. It was always asking how the other person was first and letting them know you were there no matter what. 


But how are you supposed to be a good friend and help everyone around you when you are barely sleeping?  You are doing your best with your grades, working to earn a small paycheck but also managing to barely stay afloat.  You begin missing sleep to help those around you, including going out of your way for people you don't know would do the same.


Until it clicks.


You don’t have to be everyone’s superman. You can’t begin to care for those around you if you can't care for yourself.


What so many people forget to remember is you are equally important. You deserve to give yourself the time of day to make sure everything is all right. While it may sound great to be a superhero, be your own. Take the time to read that book you’ve been wanting to read. Finish that episode that has been taking you three days to watch. Shut your phone off, and soak your worries away. Give your mind and body that extra hour of sleep. To be selfish is to love yourself. Although the word selfish can be associated with other negative words such as greedy, egotistical and self-centered, it also allows you to take the time to see your self worth. It might be more than you thought.