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As I’ve spent many hours on TikTok, like the rest of us, I’ve come across multiple ads, and even just informative videos of products I might be interested in. So, I bought them and I’m here to give you a review!

Sunset lamp

I love this lamp! I was so excited to pull this thing out of the box and plug it in as soon as it arrived at my doorstep. When I did, I noticed that it did not come with the box used to plug into the wall, and it ended at the USB plug in. So, I had to improvise and use one of my own that I already had on hand. The lamp itself was promoted in the cutest ways, in aesthetic rooms with pretty girls taking pretty pictures, but I wanted to know what it was like in real life. So when I plugged it in, I was pleasantly surprised when it lit up my room like I was beachfront in the late afternoon. I absolutely love the way this lamp lights up and makes the best mood for my room, in a way that is extremely comforting and calm.

Liquid Chlorophyll

I saw this product in passing while on TikTok and I really wanted to try it out for the sake of my health as well as my daily hydration. I loved the way this product was advertised, in a clean and easy way that made drinks look fresh and tasty. But, when I got the product in the mail and decided to add it to some ice water, I found that it has the taste of sour mud or some sort of grass. I probably will not continue the use of this product for the simple fact that it doesn’t taste the greatest. Unless I find a new way to add this to my drinks, I’d say this product is not worth it unless you’re willing to stick through the taste.

Laptop Ring Light

I added this product to my amazon list as soon as I came across it on TikTok. With the online learning atmosphere and my room being a dark cave, I was delighted at the thought of having a nice brightly lit face while in class or in meetings! The light itself connects to a nearby desk or chair and you can position it right above your camera. It’s super helpful and doesn’t cost nearly as much as a usual ring light that is normal size.

Mini Projector

I absolutely love the thought of being able to project the beach or a forest on my wall creating the effect of living in that exact space of calm and tranquility. If you have the space on your ceiling or wall for this, I highly recommend it especially if you have trouble sleeping.

Professional Writing Major and Social Media Minor at Kutztown University. I love reading, photography, and all things cats.
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