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Fall is loved by many for its dark, stormy vibes. I take pride in having an autumn playlist that I have been building for years. I wrote an ultimate fall playlist last fall, but here is another list of amazing songs to get you in the fall mood. 

  1. Funeral- Phoebe Bridgers

This song is just incredible. I genuinely can’t describe it. You just have to give it a listen. 

  1. Mary On A Cross- Ghost 

“Mary On A Cross” has a dark, yet upbeat vibe. The slowed version is even more fall-like, so be sure to take a listen to that version as well. A lot of my fall songs are on the sadder side, but this one isn’t sad at all. It reminds me of a first love—careless and free. 

  1. Tear You Apart- She Wants Revenge 

Yet another dark song that is not necessarily sad. It sounds almost  angry, yet loving and adoring. Honestly, it’s a little weird, but it is very fall-like nonetheless. 

  1. Twin Size Mattress- The Front Bottoms

Now, this song is kind of sad. However, it’s beautiful in the way it portrays friendship, addiction, and guilt. The band somehow puts words to an inexplicable situation. It will definitely have you reflecting on your friendships and yourself. 

  1. Sparks- Coldplay 

This song is light and beautiful. I can imagine listening to this song while reading a book and drinking a hot cup of coffee, feeling completely content.

Sarah Mengel

Kutztown '23

Senior English major with a minor coffee addiction :)