When people think of Thanksgiving, they usually think of three things: food, Black Friday deals, and reasons to be thankful. While I won’t lie and say I have the same thought process, I usually try to take the time to think about everything to be grateful for.  I mean, I am always thankful throughout the whole year, but this is the time where I try to dig deeper. 

To my parents- It’s not that simple to go into everything I am grateful for. I mean, c’mon, you’ve both kept me alive for the past 20 years! I can go for hours explaining everything and thanking you both. I feel it’s important to mention how thankful I am to have a supportive team behind me. We might not always see eye to eye with opinions, but I never have to question if I am loved. Thank you for my sanity, for teaching me to chase after dreams, and not judging how many times I eat Chipotle a week. 

To David- I don’t think I would ever be able to function without you. You have truly been the best blessing in my life. Between your comments, to your humor, to being my third parent, you have been my rock through hard times and my best friend through good times. I am so proud of the person you are blossoming into and I couldn’t be more thankful that I am able to watch this process next to you. Thank you for the late night drives to Viewmont Diner, letting me having the aux cord in the car, and the abundance of chargers you have “lended” to me that often become broken after me.

To my roommates- Cassie, Alyssa, and Courtney… you guys have given me the ultimate friendships. Sometimes I question how lucky I am to have crossed paths with you three. Though we know how to drive each other up a wall, I wouldn’t be who I am in college without you guys. Through Kutztown, I was able to find my future bridesmaids. Thank you for the karaoke nights, the ‘no judgment’ in anything I do and say, but most importantly, being my people. You guys have given me more than I could ever imagine.

To my sorority- I have met some of the greatest girls the world has to offer. There is nothing I feel I can hold back from you all. Even if my time in Delta Phi Epsilon has been short, I am so thankful to call all of you my sisters. Being a part of this sorority has given me so much joy, strength, and confidence with how I carry myself but also how I see the world. Each of you push me to be my best and I truly believe going Dphie is the best decision I’ve made while at college. Thank you for helping me grow, for being the sisters I dreamed of having, but for being the women I know I will always have standing next to me throughout my life.

To Kutzown- What can I even say? How do I start thanking a school that I never imagined myself at? This school was the place I’ve been searching for and needed to have in my life. I have met people I will treasure the rest of my life, while given opportunities I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. Kutztown will always hold a place in my heart. To the professors, staff, students, and townies, a simple thank you is not enough. I am forever grateful for what has been given to me and what I’ve received here during my time. Thank you for everything and more.