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“All Too Well”

This song plays on repeat in my head forever. If you know me, you know how much I love this song and how often it plays in my car. This is another song I love screaming with my friends or even just alone in my car. I think it is just so beautiful and powerful. I really want to hear the unreleased 10 minute version. I think I would cry as soon as I heard it.

“Dear John”

I saw Taylor perform this one live, and even though I was very young, I LOVED it. To this day, this is one of my favorites. I love screaming it with my friends and I think it tells a beautiful story. I heard rumors it may not be rerecorded, but I hope this is not the case because a new “Dear John” recording would be BEAUTIFUL. My favorite lyric is “Paint me a blue sky, then go back and turn it to rain.”

“Tolerate It”

This song makes me feel ALL the emotions. The lyrics are beautiful. My favorite line of all is “Use my best colors for your portrait.” Overall, I just love listening to the words to this song and letting it make me feel all the feels.

“Death By A Thousand Cuts”

Lover was not my favorite album, but this song is AMAZING. I get so excited everytime it comes on. The background piano part is amazing and I have never skipped this song in my life.

 “Forever and Always (Piano Version)”

As pretty as it is, in my heart the original version of “Forever and Always” will never compare to the piano version. It is so pretty and it also brings me back to when I was younger.

Alexa Rode

Kutztown '24

Alexa (Lex) Rode is a freshman at Kutztown University. She majors in Secondary Education English and is passionate about all things reading and writing! In her free time, she can always be found dancing around as well as creating music.
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