Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album, Sweetener, is truly a work of art. I am and always have been a massive Ariana fan. I have loved every album, every era, every interview, every performance, as well as the love and positivity regardless of the ups and downs of her career.

She unquestionably came out with an inspirational, uplifting, and powerful album.

 It’s no secret she had a rough year, she took the time off she needed and came back with a better state of mind and somehow with even more light and positivity radiating off her than she already did.

Sweetener is about all the sweet things in life. It is about quite literally about sweetening up your life and the lives of those you love.

"It's kind of about bringing light to a situation or to someone's life or somebody else who brings light to your life. Sweetening the situation,” said Grande on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon back in May when asked about the meaning behind Sweetener.

Personally, I adore this message. Each song on the album is magical; I feel a deep connection with every song.

There are songs about her anxiety and the message of taking care of yourself, songs of female empowerment, as well as songs about being happy and looking to the bright side; bringing light and positivity.

There are a couple songs of a heartbreak or unhealthy relationship, but they are not necessarily heartbreak songs. In those songs she knows what she is doing and is self aware and after I listened to both I get a message of realization and moving on to more bright things in life. Even in the two more sad songs in Sweetener it shows through that you sometimes need to go through the shitty breakups to make us realize what we truly deserve. This of course makes sense that then there are surplus amounts of happy love songs, furthermore proving after the bad the good will always come through.  She is now in a happy, healthy, and loving relationship, which is very nice to see shine through the album.

I am so happy this album exists, and each and every song is significant and relatable. Each track has a meaning and pulls the message of Sweetener out in every vocal and composition.

Everyone should sweeten up their life and be happy and live a life full of everything sweet.