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Squid Game: A Lethal Game to Escape Reality

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

Netflix’s hit show, Squid Game, is set to be the streaming service’s popular drama. Many people have watched this show and it’s interesting to see how many viewers are first-time K-Drama watchers. Though, it’s not surprising since language barriers are not as restricting. Thanks to subtitles and dubs (for people who need them). 

In Squid Game, players receive an invitation to compete in Korean children’s games for a chance at winning a prize that could solve all of their problems. Many of the players are in debt or struggling to survive financially due to other circumstances. Despite how tempting the grand prize is, players are quick to realize the deadly risks. Wining is their only choice if they wish to make it out alive.

So why is this K-Drama attracting such a large audience? In the show, the game is an escape from the cruel reality many players experience. For the show’s audience, this game also provides us with an escape. It also makes us wonder what we would do in that situation and how much we would risk for money, especially in a world where money is everything. 

Squid Game has 9 episodes which makes it easily binge-worthy. Each episode tests the players’ humanity and their morals. With each twist and turn, the show entices us and keeps us on edge to see who will win the prize. 

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