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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.


  1. Smile (September 30th, 2022)

In the opening scene, we see a patient explaining to Dr. Cotter that she can see things no one else sees and that every moment it gets closer and closer. She then states, “I see ‘it’ smiling back at me”, right after this the patient freaks out and dies. In this upcoming horror movie, Dr. Cotter follows the mystery of what is happening to people, until Dr. Cotter begins to see it as well… 

  1. Halloween Ends (October 14th, 2022)

This movie is based on the trilogy of all the other Halloween movies. This movie is based 4 years after the ‘Halloween Kills’ movie. All seems to be finally at peace and calm again, as Michael Myers has not been seen in years. Or so they thought. 

  1. Prey For The Devil (October 28th, 2022)

In this horror movie, a nun is performing an exorcism. Except, in this dark twist, the exorcism shows the nun a dark traumatic moment from her past. This nun finds herself trapped in a battle between the poor young girl’s soul and the same demonic force who came for her mother years before.


  1. The Good Nurse (October 26th, 2022)

In this thriller, Amy is a single mother who works in the ICU. Despite her job, she has a threatening heart condition. Amy has limited time and won’t make it. When Amy meets Charlie, a fellow nurse, it changes everything. After a series of patients’ deaths without any explanation sets off an alarm, Amy must forget everything she thinks she knows in order to solve the case before it’s too late. 

  1. Luckiest Girl Alive (October 7th, 2022)

Ani, a stereotypical New Yorker, seems to have everything. When Ani gets interviewed by a crime documentary director, Ani is forced to recall her dark past and this movie will unravel her secrets about what gave her this perfect life. Not everything is as it seems…

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