Spoiler-Free Review of "Avengers: Endgame"

I’m not sure what the appropriate amount of time to wait is before talking about Avengers: Endgame as if everyone has seen it, so I’ll keep the spoilers out for the time being. Fans have been waiting for this movie for so long. It’s been 21 movies and 11 years in the making, but we finally got to experience The Endgame.

I went on the Thursday night opening because I was not going to risk spoilers like last year’s Infinity War. I’m glad I did because I heard from multiple people that they already caught wind of some spoilers, and going in completely blind is your best bet for an amazing experience, which is why I’ve been trying to keep spoilers to almost nonexistent.  

To start, I would say it all depends on your favorite characters for how much you enjoy the ending of the movie. Of course, a lot of us were disappointed last year when some of Marvel’s most beloved characters turned to dust (yes, I am looking at you, Spider-Man), but this year seems more permanent. We already knew most, if not all, the characters who died in the last movie were going to return. I mean, they have movie deals. We see you, T’Challa.

But all bets were off for the final movie of the original six Avengers, considering a lot of their contracts were up. Even Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow was unknown because the reported movie coming out soon revolving around her character will be a prequel. My anxiety was through the roof as I said a silent prayer for my faves as the lights dimmed and the movie began.

Similar to Infinity War, the movie was nonstop intensity from start to finish. There is NO good time to go to the bathroom. Hold it. Seriously. Not even the actors knew what was going to happen in the movie (for the most part), so you wouldn’t want to miss a second of it.

I kept seeing posts on Twitter asking fans how many times they cried during the movie. I admit, I cried within the first couple of minutes of the movie, then I felt I was okay for a while. But soon, the waterworks began, and they were non-stop ‘til long after I got home.

I had a theater that erupted in cheers multiple times during the movie, which made me cry even more knowing how beloved these fictional people are. We’ve grown up with them; whether it be the movies or the comics, Marvel has touched everyone in different ways we never knew were possible. Maybe that’s dramatic, but if my family can lose their minds over the Super Bowl, I can lose my mind over The Endgame.

Currently, I am in between the grief stages of denial and anger. I still can’t believe how quickly time went by. The year has gone by so fast I could hardly believe it when I was sitting in the theater ready to watch the end of an era. Even though I’m still unsure of how I feel about the film, I still have plans to see it again soon. I figured after finals are over, I’ll reward myself with another trip to the movies. But now that I think about it, is it really a reward?

No matter who your favorite character is or what you’ve heard, this is a movie for the ages. Not seeing it on the big screen will be a serious missed opportunity. You will laugh, cry, and even feel a sense of relief. Or maybe you’ll just come out hating everything. Who knows? But the most important thing to remember:

Don’t spoil The Endgame.