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The Source of Power in Game of Thrones

I may be a little late to the Game of Thrones phenomenon, but I recently started this incredible series and I must say—I’m hooked! Each episode keeps me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. As the episodes roll on, I notice how the creator uses gender and its stereotypes as main motifs within the show. I absolutely love that George R.R Martin does this because it makes it so relevant to today’s world although it’s set in a medieval time.

I’m only currently at the end of season four so I can’t be certain anything I’m about to write will stay true for the rest of the show but so far, we see Brienne of Tarth kick some serious ass which brings me joy to see her defying your typical woman at this period. But one thing that really struck me as I watched was the character of Theon Greyjoy and how his story line progresses.

Theon seems like a great character at the beginning of the show, but we soon see him turn on those who took him in and treated him like family when his own blood sent him away. Once he turns on Rob Stark, I can assume most people probably hated him then. I know I sure did. As the episodes continue, we see Theon get captured and the horrific torture he endures. This is one thing I can count on GOT to always do; show me extremely gory scenes.

Once again, my mind goes back to gender. When I saw Theon’s captor, Ramsey, treat him the way he did I began relating the torture to gender stereotypes and I knew it couldn’t be good . Of course, Theon is castrated. I should have seen this coming because Theon loves women and he loves sex. Theon is always using his penis. It’s a source of power for him. He has control with his penis. He controls girls, he controls kingdoms; all because the penis is a “source of masculinity”. Once Theon’s penis is gone, he loses all control. Ramsey renames Theon, and that is the end of the Theon Greyjoy we once knew. When called Theon, he doesn’t even think that is him because his mind has been so disciplined by Ramsey.

Another aspect of Theon’s situation is that his blood father no longer cares for him. He knows his son has been castrated and can no longer reproduce therefore is not a viable source to the Greyjoy family blood line. Theon was the only chance for the Greyjoy name to live on and now that isn’t possible. Theon’s father doesn’t care enough to even rescue him from the torture he lives in. In a way, it’s upsetting to see this happen but then again; he’s a traitor and we all know what happens to traitors in Game of Thrones.

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