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Six Oddball Necessities for College

A Party Light

Questions like “What’s a party light” or “why would you need one of those” may be popping into mind right now. A Party LIght is a strobing light bulb that goes into a lamp or a bulb socket. It’s perfect for dance parties to celebrate finishing homework (or more honestly a procrastination break) but it is also just to create a vibe while you and your friends lie on the floor listening to “Folklore” by Taylor Swift. I would definitely recommend seeking out this college accessory. 

Red String

This may be a very weird thing to read on a college packing list, but in all honesty, I found myself talking about red strings a lot more than I thought I would. Whether it was just to dangle things from the ceiling, or to create a vampire conspiracy board on your white apartment walls, the versatility of red string may only be matched by that of duck tape.

Electric Tea Kettle

I hadn’t had an electric tea kettle till this year, but I find myself using it a lot. Every day I’ll just turn him on, yes you read that right - we’ve named him Travis- and I use him to make a cup of tea. It’s good to have at the end of the day or in the morning, and I think the convenience of an electric tea kettle has made me drink more tea. But it can be used for more than tea; it can be used for other hot drinks hot chocolate and coffee, as well as ramen! 


End Tables Upon End Tables Upon End Tables

This requirement is a little more apartment specific. When my friends and I moved into our furnished apartment, it came with chairs and a couch, but it came with one table that became our TV stand. We suddenly found ourselves using our plastic move in bins as tables throughout the house. Even just some mismatched tables scattered around the living room make it feel more homey and welcoming. 


Mini Muffin Tins

In our apartment, my friends and I only have a toaster oven. That is the only thing that can cook and bake things in our apartment, but it’s very versatile. Sometimes you just want a nice baked good, and muffins (or even tiny cupcakes) are a great way to go. There are so many different kinds, and it’s a nice taste of home. (FYI, I am currently munching on a mini blueberry muffin and it is amazing). 


Entertaining Artwork

Decorating is key when making a space feel comfortable. I know that dorm aesthetics are very important. Everyone has a color scheme and a specific vision in mind, but what hangs on the bare walls is just as important. For example, my roommates and I thrifted this adorable picture of a panda family. There’s also embroidery done by one of our roommates, and some watercolor artwork that we had found. It doesn’t have to be over crowded, but something to look at is always a plus. 


Grace Heinlein

Kutztown '23

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