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Simple Existence

I'm headed towards the future now

quicker than I first realized, feet dragging behind me 

as I long for the safety of the past. 

The present, disregarded. 

But the future, feared. 


I’ve long existed where the present shifts to past,

Electrically aware of each moments sudden 


which lives solely within my perception and my recollection.


Resistance of the active future was my rebellion,

Change rattling my bones uncomfortably,

And comfort the drug of choice. 


It’s time to leave for where the future breathes

New life into my perception and recollection.

 The change of something from being in an active state

 to a non active one


It’s no longer the future, 

masqueraded daily as the present, 

Which is little more than the past.


It’s mine,

My future looms large, Spacious and inviting.

The end of a journey near.








Allofasudden now:


 I'm here.

"What are you going to do with an Art History degree?" A great many things, just wait and see. 
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