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I stare at my reflections 

Trying to make a connection 

To the girl I see

And the one I used to be 

For the mirror is shattered

The pieces scattered

Taped back together

Until I am unrecognizable forever

I rearrange the pieces I save

Into the perfect image you always crave 

The girl staring back at me I have never seen before

But I know how you desire her so much more 

A blonde haired blue eyed beauty queen 

Skinny and as perfect as I have ever seen

A barbie doll image of the girl I used to see

But a toy to you is all I will ever be 

Decorate me in pretty dresses and lace

Transforming into your definition of beautiful grace

But only in private would you allow yourself to enjoy 

Because you were so embarrassed to be a grown man who still owned a toy 

Following my violent acts to the mirror, my knuckles dripped blood 

Painting the perfect image of you I swear you would someday become 

I could make this poem stunning 

But you are so cunning 

I won’t write personification to set your soul on fire

Or similes that would sing as beautiful as a choir 

Alliterations that would illuminate your eyes

Or metaphors that you would love to despise

But the work is not worth it for someone so deceptive 

Now you simply understand from my perspective

My simple poem of shattered glass

Taped back together, staring at someone I don’t know 

Hoping now that I’m beautiful, your tricks will be easier to pass

Alexa Rode

Kutztown '24

Alexa (Lex) Rode is a freshman at Kutztown University. She majors in Secondary Education English and is passionate about all things reading and writing! In her free time, she can always be found dancing around as well as creating music.
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