The Sexual Double Standard Amongst College Women

School has been back in session at Kutztown University for a few weeks now. Right before Labor Day, a group of male students hung a banner outside of their apartment. This banner said “Wel(KU)m Ladies; We’re ur Daddies Now!”

So many thoughts.





Why do men think it’s okay to say things like this?

Not only is it degrading to women, but it’s also rude to the the families of new female students. If my parents had seen this banner while they moving me in, they would have been disgusted.

But my main point here is to rant about why college females are heavily sexualized and shouldn’t be.

The article “Hooking Up and Forming Romantic Relationships on Today’s College Campuses” says that hooking up has replaced casual dating, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Then comes the section “Gender and the Hook Up.” The authors of this article state that “Hook ups are ‘gendered.’” One way in which hook ups are gendered is that men initiate more of the sexual interaction and secondly, frequently orgasm more than women. Finally, a sexual double-standard persists in which women are more at risk than men of getting a bad reputation for hooking up frequently.


Women are still held to a stricter double standard when it comes to sex. If a group of women hung an inappropriate sexual sign like these boys did, they would have most likely been ridiculed and labeled as sluts for doing so, where these guys receive praise (I know not all guys found this sign to be funny, but still).

I am not comfortable with the concept of hooking up. I simply am not into the hook up culture. While I think it is kind of slutty to be hooking up with new people all the time(an unfeminist way of thinking, but a wise professor once told me if you recongize it's unfeminist, you're still a feminist), who am I to judge a person for the lifestyle he or she wishes to live, just because I personally don't agree with it? 

My overall point in this mish mash rant of an inappropriate banner and sexual double standards is this:

Men get away with more sexually than women.

They orgasm more.

They have more free speech when it comes to sex.

They are praised more for their hookups while women are ridiculed.

This banner is a disgrace to all of the collegiate women at Kutztown University and I can only hope disciplinary action was taken, to show men they cannot get away with such degrading words.