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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

As I sit here writing this article during the final review session for my Media class, senioritis in full force, I’m getting somewhat emotional that the supposed “best years of my life” are quickly passing me by, so much so that I will be graduating college in May.

I’m sorry…graduating? Are you serious? Okay…

I’m happy I’ve come this far, but I’m sad it’s almost over. I’m relieved that the constant stress and worry of college is almost over…except it’s not. The stress and worry over passing classes will turn into stress and worry of something else. It could be finding a place to live, a professional job, or family issues.

As I go on this last semester journey I keep reminding myself that although college will be over, the stress of life goes on. Although I won’t be spending ungodly amounts of money on books, throwing together papers at the last minute, missing sleep so I don’t miss deadlines and living in the library during finals, it will all turn into something else.

However my experience in college has prepared me for most of that. Of course there’s some things I still need to figure out, but I’ll get there. I’m happy that Kutztown University has taught me more than what I’ve read in books and heard in lecture halls. It’s helped me prepare for life in a valuable way. 

My experience at Kutztown has been the most priceless thing I could ever acquire in my young adult life. Of course what I’ve learned in class, my studies and professionalism are a high quality, intangible thing that I am extremely thankful for. But dare I say what I’ve learned outside of the classroom here might have prepared me for the rest of my life more than anything I’ve ever learned in the classroom. I’ve learned to force myself out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and try new things. I’ve learned to look in to things, try hard, be yourself and help others. I’ve learned to trust and have trust broken, live with others, pay bills on time, manage time, love endlessly and forgive and forget. It’s taught me about who I am and who I long to be.

Kutztown University has become my home. Four years looks like an eternity when you’re alone and scared in your freshman dorm bathroom crying in a stall because you forgot your favorite fuzzy blanket at home and you miss your mom. It becomes more than 120 credit hours, program competencies, resumes and internships. It becomes a place where you find and grow into who you are and what you believe in. Kutztown University has prepared me for life outside the school system and had led me to people that I needed in my life but didn’t know at the time. Kutztown University has been the special place that I will always associate with good times and helping me develop crucial skills, memories and attitudes.

Here’s to the next semester!

21 years old, always lost, but finding meaning in life in the little things. Give me a crappy cup of coffee, a laugh and a smile and we'll be friends. Love yourself.