Sean the Man

We’ve all been through rough breakups. Sometimes when a lover ends things with you, your crazy side comes out. You want to stalk him, creep on his social media, or find out who he has been seeing. Sometimes things go a little farther with drunk texting or emotionally calling his phone 62 times in an hour. Okay, we get it. Heart break sucks. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know when to stop. In the case of my poor roommate, her psycho ex-boyfriend is one of those people.

When she can’t leave her house without seeing his car drive by several times, you know things are bad. When he is blowing up my phone, my other roommates phone, and all of her families’ phones what are we supposed to do? We’ve all tried blocking him. We’ve all tried running away from him at the bar. We tried speaking nicely to him, and it all turned to shit. This man, let’s call him Sean, is exactly what we all fear in a crazy ex-lover.

When they first broke up we all felt kind of bad for him. He cried a lot and tried to get her back with flowers and sappy, romantic notes. Things got a little weird when he put flowers on her car when she was at work over an hour away from school. When that didn’t work something must have snapped in him because shit got real so fast. Next thing we know we are at the bar just trying to have a good time and he won’t leave us alone. Every time she tried to talk to another human being, girl or guy, he would physically pull her away. If one of her friends got in the way to intervene, he would either dump his drink on them, call them fat, or tell them to fuck off. What a gentleman, right?

Where is Sean now? Well besides the fact that he had sex with multiple people since the break-up, he’s still crying over my roommate. Just this past weekend we had to have a talk with him to tell him to stop stalking her. He cried to us about how much he loves her, but do we care? NO! We can’t go out and have any kind of fun without him popping up. We can’t walk to turkey hill down the road without seeing him running by. My roommate can’t even hangout with anyone without having to crawl out a window, shimmy down the fire escape, and call me to come pick her up and drive her a block up to her car because Sean keeps driving by. She can’t sit in the library to do school work without him creeping up behind her and begging to talk.

Is my roommate going to have to file a restraining order on his crazy, psycho ass or are we going to have to flee the country? I guess only time will tell.