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The weather is very indecisive this time of year. Although, as a black woman in college with coarse textured hair, my hair does not need to be. At this time of year, midterms will be beginning soon. With the weather being gloomy, cold, and wet most days, this is a time where I am not only optimizing on sleep and studying but also the most time-efficient ways to do my hair while keeping it protected. 

My hair is of the tightest, kinkiest, most coarse and curly texture and, for the most part, needs a lot of help when it comes to moisture retention. Moisture retention is the water that remains in the hair after the washing process is complete. For the curly, coily, kinky textures, it can be hard to keep that sealed, especially in frigid weather. I truly think curly hair thrives in the spring and summer months! But to combat the cold weather, keep moisture retention, and prioritize my sleep and studies, I have been doing the following for my hair:

  • Deep conditioning and doing hot oil treatments to strengthen and moisturize my hair

  • Using humectants like honey in my hair routine! Humectants help to moisturize and repair dry and brittle hair while adding back in the shine and luster.

  • Using the right products for my hair’s type, density, and porosity and sealing it with an oil or butter to keep it thriving 

  • Wearing my hair in stretched or protective styles in order to lock in the moisture but also save myself time! (Protective styles include: box braids, passion twists, cornrows, faux locks and space buns)

  • Wearing protective styles that involve accessories like hats or silk scarves to keep my hair from the harsh wind. 

  • Using leave-in conditioner, honey, and jojoba oil. They are my saviors!


These tips can go for anyone with coarse hair, curly hair, dry hair, or hair always in need of TLC… and if you have not started yet, now  is the time to protect your hair for the remainder of these cold days!

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