Pride in Graduation Day

With graduation around the corner, cords and awards are being given out. Now is the time I am realizing all I have done while at Kutztown and how my time was spent for four years.

When I picked up my cap and gown, I was given my honors medal. This means that I am graduating with a 3.5 cumulative GPA. This is such a great honor because it shows how hard I have worked within my four years at Kutztown University. When I walk across the stage at commencement, they will announce my honor, and this is something I am very proud of. I take pride in my education and being able to wear this medal around my neck on May 12 is a great accomplishment.

Another award I will carry around my neck is my Presidential Ambassador’s stole. This is another great accomplishment because I have had extraordinary opportunities to work with the president of Kutztown University and other important people on campus. This stole will show my dedication and passion for Kutztown and the work I have done to make the campus a better place with each event I have volunteered for.

Along with my honors medal and Ambassador’s stole, I will carry a few cords. Although I was supposed to carry more than I will be, I am still proud to represent the organizations I wear these cords for.

My first cord will be for my women and gender studies minor. This cord is purple and will stand out among the rest. This cord symbolizes my education and knowledge within this field. This minor is one of my greatest takeaways from Kutztown University because it has given me a diverse knowledge and a new way of thinking about the world. This is something that will remain within me as I move on into the world.

My next cord is for Her Campus. This is an organization I write for, clearly, and edit for. I am currently the vice president as well. This is an organization that was new to Kutztown when I started, but I was interested as soon as I was told about it because it was a chance for me to get my words and thoughts into the world. Her Campus has given me an understanding in the importance of voice, which is something I have tied in with my education in women and gender studies.

Although I was supposed to have two more cords, I am still proud of these accomplishments, and I have to give myself a break once in a while, which is why I will not be receiving these two extra cords. I have to be gentle on myself and not be too hard because as senior year went on, a focus on a job for after graduation took a higher importance than some of my extra curricular at Kutztown. Now as my graduation date gets closer, I realize how happy I am with everything I have done while at Kutztown. Graduation day will be one I will always remember, and I can’t wait for that day to come.