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Power for the Powerless

This past week I was at the gym participating in my usual routine. This consists of listening to podcasts and dreading every single moment of cardio. I love all NPR podcasts, but one of my favorites is their Ted Radio Hour. This week’s podcast touched on a topic that I found especially interesting; future consequences. They go on to complicate this idea with the concept of power.

One of the speakers, Anab Jain, whom they interviewed, said something that struck me.  “Those that have the least amount of power to affect the future are going to be the most affected”. While the concept of power is something that I think of often, this quote presented it in a new way that I had not previously considered. In this particular instance, they were referring to environmental impacts. But this concept can be applied to many others such as race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

These groups of individuals are some of the most marginalized, but often do not feel that they have enough power to actually make a change. However, no matter how disenfranchised, we all are granted certain powers; such as the power of voice, right to vote, and the right to choose. These small actions are often over looked, but give individuals more power than they may realize. Speaking up and out when you see social injustice, voting to elect people in office that will do the same, and choosing not to participate in events that do not do the same. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

For some however, they may be too afraid to speak up for themselves or to not participate for fear of drawing attention to themselves or their family. This is understandable as times we are living in are rapidly changing and scary for many. This is when it falls back on the rest of us to speak out for them. We are all united in our fight for social justice, no matter how slowly the progress may be. We must have each other’s back and fight for those who are unable until we have one day reached a time where they are able to fight for themselves.

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