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Push me away

Always having me around to play

Your ego masks you

I see right through


You’re a real Blue Marlin

Calling all your girls darlin’

Shielding every inch of insecurity

No one will think there’s an impurity


Says what you wanna hear

But just like magic, things aren’t always what they appear

Kissed a thousand mouths, told a million lies

I can’t help but wonder if it’s all a disguise


Someone from long ago

Took your heart and let it go

Digging through, I know it’s there

A heart that’s good and pure and fair


You just can’t let the world see

Past wounds left you numb as can be

Although your intentions are true

You do the hurting, so they don’t hurt you


Hope is not lost for you yet

You will meet someone you cannot forget

No one will be quite like her

Just like you she is up to bat just as you were


Though no one is perfect

Her heart she also protects

Don’t take this as a sign to let go

Real love takes time to grow


But how can we stop the game?

The walls come up at the mention of her name

There you go ready to bat again

Which girl will fall for it then?

Hi my names Amanda G! I'm a junior at Kutztown University and have a enormous sweet tooth. I want everyone to live and laugh. Hopefully my stories will help with that. I believe in the truth and the brighter side of life. I also believe in the power of Bagel Bar on Mainstreet, which is truly a gift. So sit back, relax, and be you at KU and in life. 
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