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Whenever I heard the word “soulmate,” my mind would go to a romantic relationship. I saw the word used frequently to describe relationships in books, movies, and shows. When I was younger, I was fascinated with finding my soulmate, my other half. As I grew up, the idea of soulmates was no longer a reality to me. The word represented a strong relationship that I thought I would never have. Since I moved around a lot from a young age, I wasn’t able to form many connections with people. I learned to associate the term with fictional relationships. 

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I became familiar with different types of soulmates. I always thought it had a romantic association; however, after meeting my soulmate, I realized platonic soulmates existed. A platonic soulmate is someone you have a deep, non-romantic connection with. It can be a friend who you believe you were destined to meet.

I found my platonic soulmate in college. She became someone I could confide in. Our friendship went beyond any other friendship I’ve ever had. We were online friends and the instant we met, we clicked. Despite knowing each other for a few years, we were able to form this emotional connection. She is my person and someone I’ll always have in my life. I didn’t believe in soulmates, but meeting her made me realize they do exist. They present themselves in different forms from romantic to platonic. You never know when they’ll appear, but when they do, you’ll cherish them. 

Professional Writing Major and Social Media Theory & Strategy Minor with a love for books and music.
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