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Patriotic Education

He says that the left has defiled

Defaced the name of America.

The American story built on lies, deceptions, falsehoods.


He says we make the story,

But the story has written itself in black blood. 



Is facism in every sense of the word.

When it is forced down the throats of America’s youth

Of every color

That beats down the suffering of our black brothers and sisters

And builds whites further on the tower of hate


And the pursuit of a country free of the plight of everyday man.

Focused on the spines of forefathers 

Instead of the bloodied broken backbones of African lives.


Rewrite American history however you want,

Because blood and tears have stained the streets of Minneapolis,

And the bedsheets of Breonna Taylor,

And run red in the hands of a president born from white money and blinded from white greed.

⅗ of a population

⅗ of black men breaking for the preservation of the white story

⅗ of black men without a voice

⅗ of a world decades later that denies systemic racism

While comparing ⅗ black to 0/5 white 


History is not subjective, history is not patriotism.

Because facts are facts. 

America’s love is built off of an education that teaches our children it was wrong. 

Slavery, racism, prejudice, discrimination

Is not America and it is not education.

It is our history and it is the duty of public education not to teach citizenship,

But to teach that history. 

So our children can make up their own minds about what was right and look back on where we are now.

From an equal future.

Professional Writing major who loves reading, fictional writing, and traveling! Can almost always be found spending time outside with her guinea pig, Calcifer.
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