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One year is a long time. I started dating my boyfriend last year. We just had our one year anniversary. I get asked a lot: “How do you stay with someone for that long?”.

In order to answer this question I did some digging. I love my boyfriend, and yes I have been with him for a long time,but if anything that “has” made me love him even more. 

We aren’t perfect though. We fight. We scream. We cry. “I won’t lie,” there are days I want to be far away from him. In the end though, I genuinely can’t picture myself with anyone else. 

Here are some ways we made our relationship work this long: 


We always talk things out and never let each other go to sleep mad. Even on nights we can’t stand each other because we got in a stupid fight.We always make sure to at least remind each other that we love one another, and we can get through anything. 

New Things

We also make a point to do or try new things. We are both college students so we don’t always have the time and money to go on an expensive date. Instead, we will have picnics, watch a new series or movie together, and just try and do new and exciting things to keep it interesting. 


We have always been nothing but honest with each other from the very start of our relationship. If I don’t like something he is doing I will tell him, no matter how scary it can be. Because of this, we have grown as a couple and have gotten to know what each other likes and needs in order to feel and be loved.

 No relationship is perfect. As long as you both want it and work hard, it can work out for as long as you both try. The minute one person stops trying, the whole relationship can fall apart. I feel as though setting boundaries and finding ways to balance each other, your relationship can work, and last as long as mine.

Sophomore, Secondary Education English major who loves coffee and criminal minds♡
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