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Nothing Left to Lose: A Review

I have always loved reading stories ordinary, everyday people post on the Internet. Whether they are posted on Wattpad, fanfiction.net, or a random post on Tumblr, there is something undoubtedly touching about most of the pieces that I have yet to find off the bookstore shelf. These stories are not published by a publishing company, which allows them to really speak to the human soul while addressing the issues and feelings most readers have. 

The novel Nothing Left to Lose by Kirsty Moseley is one of these extraordinary pieces that originated on Wattpad, and it has easily become one of my favorite novels.

Moseley began writing the novel chapter by chapter, posting each new one on her Wattpad account. After the story attracted millions of readers, the novel was independently published, and it is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Moseley’s success is the hope of every writer, but her brilliant novel deserves it, as it speaks to the concerns and fears of many.

Nothing Left to Lose follows the life of Annabelle Spencer, daughter of a United States senator. On Annabelle’s 16th birthday, Carter and his gang members killed her boyfriend, Jack, before her eyes, before they kidnaped her and held her hostage for over 10 months. By the time Annabelle was freed, she attempted suicide multiple times, and the effects of her entrapment changed her forever. Flash forward three years, Annabelle has become a raring bitch with nightmares, anger issues, and the inability to let anyone get close to her, let alone touch her. After getting kicked out of another college, her father assigns her one of the best S.W.A.T. agents; in hopes he will keep her on track and help her through the court trial of her kidnaper, Carter. Enter Ashton Taylor. He is a superstar S.W.A.T. agent with a face and a body to match. He gets one look at Annabelle’s sad and broken face, and he’s a goner. Over the next 8 months, Ashton attempts to help Anna move on from her traumatic past, create a life for her, and hopefully win over her heart, so, once again; she does have something to lose.

Annabelle suffered an enormous amount of repulsive experiences. Her post traumatic stress is something many face. Overcoming that fear and disgust inside is something many need to accomplish. Moseley writes her characters in a way that makes them so relatable, pulling readers in. Moseley creates a story and a life that is so normal and heartbreaking, readers learn much about themselves while wholeheartedly becoming attached to the love and despair both Ashton and Anna face. Relatable, enticing, and touching are all words that can be used to describe the amazingly emotional novel Nothing Left to Lose.  Moseley has written a beautiful piece about an ordinary life’s struggles, love, and heartbreak.

Moseley captures the readers’ hearts through Annabelle’s struggles and Ashton’s massive heart. An amazing story of overcoming life’s most horrible actions against a person inspires and plants hope within readers, proving that in life, everyone will always have something they will never want to lose.  

Courtney Morstatt is a Professional Writing student at Kutztown University. 
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