No Tears Left To Cry

One of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Ariana Grande, has just released her new song called “No Tears Left To Cry.” Many people thought this song would be a sad slow ballad dedicated to the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack; however, it is an uplifting happy single. It is brilliantly positive while still showing dedication to the victims of the tragic even that occurred last May at the Manchester Arena during the night on one of her Dangerous Women Tour dates.

This song is all about strength. This songs meaning is that she no longer has tears left to cry, that she is ready to be happy and positive again. One of the lines that stuck out to me the most is “right now I’m in a state of mind I want to be in like all the time.” She is happy where she is mentally in her life right now and wants nothing to do with hate and sadness; simply good vibes and happiness.

This past weekend I found myself overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, and as most of us do sometimes, I found myself an emotional mess. This song could not have come out at a better time. After I let out all my emotions and tears the next morning I woke up happily like I always do. I quite literally had no tears left to cry.

If you keep up with my articles you will know I am a very happy and optimistic person, yet I also know to know the true meaning of happiness you also need to know sadness. Like the song is trying to say, after you have been sad and let it all out you have to pick yourself back up and go live and love and enjoy life, “even when it’s rainin' down.”

I think it is important to remember after you fall apart for a little bit, that it is not weakness. It is strong to be upset one day and the next morning wake up and laugh in the face of melancholy. It is strong to get up the next day and go happily and blissfully live after you broke down the day before. “We on another mentality.”