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Growing up we all had a variety of dreams. We all were filled with ideas of what we wanted our lives as grown-ups to be. Some of us wanted to be a doctor, others a teacher, or a fashion designer maybe even a spy. What we didn’t know at a young age was that there is never a simple path towards achieving those dreams. Dreams are meant to be worked for and they most likely cannot happen overnight or without any passion to fuel them.

I have always wondered if there are people out there who don’t have dreams. If there are people who feel lost without a sense of purpose or direction in life. It wasn’t until I met people at KU that I realized there are many people who feel this way. Most of us stay silent as we pretend to have dreams in order to not feel like the odd one of the group. 

Not having dreams does not mean you’re broken, it also does not mean that you’re not normal. I’ve come to realize that the people who don’t have dreams are the ones who still need time to explore and figure out who they are. People without dreams have yet to discover what their passions are. If you’re not passionate about something then you’re left with an empty void. You’ll feel lost and confused as to why you’re not like others who find themselves working even harder to pursue their dreams. 

I don’t mean to call anyone out, I also experienced a period where I was completely lost. I had no dreams and even now I continue to second guess my decisions, however, I have learned to embrace that part of me. It’s better to accept that this is how you’re feeling than to try to continue faking it. Once you address this then you can figure out what you truly want. Figuring yourself out also doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process but in the end, it is worth it. Working on discovering yourself is not exactly about finding out what dreams you have but more of a journey to embrace yourself and learn that no matter what your thought process is, it’s okay to be clueless.

Professional Writing Major, Social Media Theory & Strategy and Public Relations Minor with a love for books and music.
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